Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Design Thinking is a process that is human-centered & helps in finding solutions to complex web problems. It is often used as an effective tool for innovation.

This process starts from understanding the end-users & brings out ideas with empathetic voyeur approach that is why it can be used for UI/UX Design.

Actually at the core Design Thinking can help find solutions to many complex problems specific to human behaviour visit enkelt å få lån på dagen.

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About This Workshop

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Digital Transformation is a process that helps organisations transform with complete digital approach.

People – Process – Technology – Transformation

Actually at the core it can help find solutions to many complex problems specific to human behaviour.

We’ll discuss some interesting case studies and understand how Design Thinking can be used to solve some upcoming issues we might have to face in future because of the current situation which has impacted people’s lives all over the world.

Who all can join?

Designers, Developers, MBAs, Managers, Educators, Startup Enthusiasts, Business Owners, Sr. Professionals, Innovators, etc.

When : 30 Apr 2020 | Sunday: 6 pm – 9 pm

How much : Rs. 4000 only for 2 day’s workshop

Trainer’s Details

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Hi, I am Tushar More. I am in the field of Digital Design for almost 12 years. Currently working as a UI / UX consultant and trainer with some Startups and SMEs. I work on Websites, e-commerce, mobile apps, products, services, and brands keeping end-users in mind.

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