Are you ready to fight Corona & safeguard your career as well?

We are all fighting global Corona virus outbreak to save our health but we must realise working from home is also going to impact economy worldwide so first thing might happen is restructuring organisations to reduce spending which often results in practices like job-cut.Many Senior professionals might have to leave current organisation & look for opportunities in this new market.

Today | 6 : 30 pm

Are you ready to safeguard your health as well as your career while fighting with Corona?

Today | 6 : 30 pm


In order to help you fight this new threat I have planned a special fast-track 1 week online course in UI/UX Design that will make you ready to fight this upcoming career crisis so let's put your work from home schedule to learn from home in your free time. Register now for a free online demo session starting soon...

Hi, I am Tushar More

I am in the field of Digital Design for almost 12 years. Currently working as a UI / UX consultant and trainer with Startups, SMEs, well known brands, etc. I am always striving to make it easier for consumers to use Websites, e-commerce, mobile apps, products, Services and Brands.


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